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Goals for 2016

Posted on 11 January 2016

Image via Studio DIY
Image via Studio DIY
Happy New Year! I initially wrote 'Goals for 2015' as the title of this blog post so it's safe to say I'm still getting used to twenty sixteen!

I used to make New Years resolutions but after realising they never lasted past mid January (I'm looking at you 'quitting sugar'!) I decided I needed a better tactic. I've found making a bunch of goals at the start of the year - some big, some small, some for business and some just for fun- works really well for me, what can I say I'm a goal digger! So being that it's the start of the year and all and that one of my goals is to blog more I thought I'd share what's on my list for 2016 with you. 

1. Eat breakfast

My breakfast is usually liquid and I'm not meaning a nutritious smoothie I'm meaning COFFEE (oh how I love coffee!). Despite my good intentions to eat breakfast each morning I usually get distracted with getting the kids ready and out the door and then get lost in work and find myself starving around lunchtime. I also don't find cereal or toast that appetising so I'm going to try and find some quick but tasty alternatives.

2. Refine

In 2014 I focused on growing iDear, last year was about making sure the numbers side of the business was working and this year I want to focus on the iDear brand and the creative side of the business. Over the last 5 years I've been working on/honing the style of iDear, trying a few different things out and seeing what I like (and what you guys like!). I think iDear has a pretty distinctive style and voice these days but I'm wanting to play around and take this a little further by only making cards this year that I REALLY love instead of trying to make as many as possible (also, I have a baby now so time is of the essence!). The other side of it is that some of my old cards no longer really work for the direction I want to head so these will either be re-designed or discontinued. 

3. Make our rental feel more like home

We've been living in our house almost 3 years and most of the walls are still bare! (Well, if you don't count the grubby hand prints at kid height!) This would probably be awesome if I was minimally inclined but nope, I'm more of a maximalist and they just look empty and sad to me! It's partly because all of our walls are concrete and so I can't just whack nails in and partly because renting is so unstable that it's hard to know how long we're going to be here and how much effort we want to put in (the owners want to subdivide at some point). But I figure it's about time we made it our own even if it's only for another year or so.

4. Get crafty 

I'd love to give weaving and embroidery a go this year. I've seen such beautiful pieces around and enjoy a challenge! 

5. Start blogging again

Ooh look at me ticking this off already! ;) I've found that I really miss writing (I am a copywriter after all) so I'm hoping to chisel out some time to put more of my thoughts into writing and share them with you this year.

6. Visit some more places in NZ I've never been

Last year I finally checked Waiheke off my list, yay! Top of my list this year is Nelson, Hawkes Bay and Raglan. I'm also hoping to get back to Blenheim, Wellington and Tauranga.

7. Start up a coffee group

I'd love to meet up with some other creative/business minded mums so am thinking of starting up a coffee group in a few months time. Stay tuned.

8. Email Newsletter

I've been meaning to start an email newsletter for ages. This is the year. It's gonna be awesome, you'll want to read it I promise!* 

*Hopefully it lives up to the hype! Haha

9. Exercise

At least 3 times a week. Mostly because it helps keeps me sane but I also wouldn't mind shifting a bit of this leftover baby weight.

10. Buy some land

Man I really want to achieve this one! Not entirely sure if this will be the year we finally make the purchase but we're working our butts off towards it so hopefully!


Are you a goal digger like me? What are your goals for 2016?

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  • Evie: January 18, 2016

    Yeah Goal Digger! I too like taking stock at the start of the new year and making some goals. I’m definitely wanting to focus on creativity, including more crafty projects just for me (with you on the weaving – I’ve had a little loom for almost a year!) ?Let’s have coffee sometime! x

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