DIY: Painted pillows

Posted on 18 March 2014

I've been re-arranging our bedroom lately, getting ready for the longer, colder nights of Autumn and Winter. After adding quilts and throws I looked to my plain white pillowcases and thought they needed a bit of colour and pattern. 

When it comes to DIYs I like them quick (hello, instant gratification!), easy (avoiding sewing if possible) and fun. Tick, tick, tick.

You will need:

White pillowcases

Fabric paint and/or pens (pens make drawing patterns a lot easier, but don't come out as dark)

Brushes or paint dabbers

A small bowl or container for the paint 


Flatten out your pillowcase and put some newspaper inside to stop the fabric paint seeping through to the other side.

Dream up some pattern ideas and have fun!

Set the fabric paint according to the packet instructions. I turned mine inside out and ironed them, then washed and dried them.

Their a little imperfect and I kinda like that about them. The bright colours and patterns really brighten up my room and make me smile whenever I walk in! 

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